Cyclotron delivered to Riga

According to contract signed in June 2013, in the factory of Ion Beam Applications, S.A. (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium) cyclotron for the use of “Nuclear Medicine Centre”, Ltd was manufactured. This device is to be set up in Riga, Marupes iela 19 as a part of European Union co-funded project “Establishing of scientific research centre for the development of PET/CT technologies”.

In June 2014 engineers of Ion Beam Applications, S.A. in the presence of NMC delegates carried out the Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) of the manufactured cyclotron Cyclone 18/9, during which it was concluded that the parameters of the manufactured device conform those stated in technical description.

After the Factory Acceptance Tests, cyclotron and related devices were carefully dismantled, packed in boxes and prepared for sending to NMC.

In the beginning of December 2014 the cyclotron and related devices were delivered to Riga. Since the construction of NMC laboratory building is still in progress, the devices were stored in temporary storehouses. To meet the manufacturer requirements, a special warehouse for storing the cyclotron was built.

The installation of clean rooms has been completed

The construction of "Nuclear Medicine Centre", Ltd laboratory building has been completed, and the installation and testing of various technological equipment and systems are being carried out. During the last ...

Noslēgts līgums par dīzeļģeneratora piegādi un uzstādīšanu

2014.gada 18.jūlijā noslēdzās SIA „Nukleārās medicīnas centrs” (NMC) rīkotā cenu aptauja „Dīzeļģeneratora piegāde un uzstādīšana” (identifikācijas Nr. NMC/2014/5/ERAF). Par iepirkuma procedūras uzvarētāju tika atzīta SIA „Energokomplekss”. 2014.gada 1.septembrī tika noslēgts ...