Cyclotron has been rigged into its permanent location—cyclotron vault

One of the most important devices of the ”Nuclear Medicine Centre, Ltd”—the cyclotron—was delivered to Riga in December 2014, and since then it has been stored in warehouse built for this purpose. At the moment, the construction of the ”Nuclear Medicine Centre, Ltd” laboratory building is comming to an end and the installation of the technological equipment has been commenced.

June 30th, 2015 marked an important milestone—the cyclotron was rigged into its permanent location—cyclotron vault. The transportation and rigging of the cyclotron was carried out under the supervision of the cyclotron manufacturing company's IBA S.A representative Mr. Cedric Jacques.

Using a high load capacity truck (the mass of the cyclotron including the transport packaging is approximately 27 tonnes) and a crane with lifting capacity of 90 tonnes, the cyclotron was transported from the warehouse to the project development site in Mārupes iela 19, Riga. On the site the cyclotron was unpacked from the transport packaging and placed into the vault. After the rigging the opening in vault's ceiling was covered with specially manufactured concrete panels and sealed with a layer of concrete.

The process of cyclotron rigging is depicted in pictures below.

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