Visit to the North Estonia Medical Centre Foundation

The North Estonia Medical Centre ((Põhja-Eesti Regionaalhaigla jeb The North Estonia Medical Centre, Tallinn, Estonia) is the closest hospital where they apply positron emission topograpgy method for several years.

The North Estonia Medical Centre provides high level medical care and services except for the ophthalmology, paediatrics and obstetrics.

The hospital's main building is located in Tallinn (various locations) and Kose. The hospital employs around 3626 persons, including 590 doctors.

In March, 2013 the representatives of the Nuclear Medicine Center, Ltd. visited the North Estonia Medical Centre for the experience exchange.

Ph. D., prof., Dr. S.Nazarenko, the head of nuclear medicine center, showed around the hospital and presented important details about activities in the nuclear medicine department.

The visitors especially focused on the organization of the nuclear medicine department, its activities, and technical equipment of the department, organization of patient and staff flow, as well as specific aspects related to using PET radionuclide.

Ciklotrona bunkura durvis piegādātas Rīgā

Turpinās NMC projekta realizācija. 2014.gada 22.maijā Rīgā tika piegādātas ciklotrona bunkura durvis. Ciklotrona bunkura durvis ir izgatavojis Itālijas uzņēmums Tema Sinergie S.p.A. un tās tiks iebūvētas ciklotrona bunkurā. Līdz būvniecības ...

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