Visit to Turku PET centre

In August 2012 the representatives of the Nuclear Medicine Center, Ltd visited Turku PET centre in Finland for a short experience exchange with an aim to learn about experience of the use of PET marked radiopharmaceutical preparates.

Turku PET Centre is the Finnish National Research Institute focusing on short-lived positron emitting radionuclides in the field of medical research. The Centre was established in 1970s and it earned the National status in 1996.

Currently, there are 3 cyclotrons, 19 hot cells for GMP level radiopharmaceutical preparate production. The Centre uses 6 PET or PET/CT scanners, 1,5 T MRI, PET/MRI (3.0T) equipement and digital ultrasound systems. The centre employs more than 110 staff members and scientists from various research fields. Two of the scanners are adapted for the research experimetns on laboratory animals. 

During the visit, significant attention was paid to technology for obtaining radiopharmaceutical preparates with especially short half-living period (15O, T1/2 < 2 min) and the particularities of its application.


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