The first stage of cyclotron vault door installation process has concluded

The construction of Nuclear Medicine Centre, Ltd laboratory building continues, and the first stage of cyclotron vault door installation process has concluded.

The cyclotron vault door is not “only a door”. It is a crucial part of the technological process. Without a vault door it is not possible to operate the cyclotron, hence it is not possible either to launch or to maintain the technological process. The vault door, despite its robust appearance, is a sophisticated device which allows meeting of the safety requirements. The main challenge during the vault installation process is the precision requirements, for example, the allowed uncertainty of the rail position is only ± 3mm, and in closed position the clearance between the door and its frame is only a few milimetres. With the massive door dimensions (depth 2 m, height 2.1 m) and mass (24 tonnes) taken into consideration, the said precision level can be regarded as very high and it requires very skillful construction experts.

During the time period from January 26th till January 30th the first stage of cyclotron vault door installation was carried out. The process was completed by the workers of „Abora”, Ltd (manager Uldis Ieviņš), workers of concret pouring company „Monolīts SAG” , Ltd (manager Jānis Belovs) under the supervision of engineer Alberto Romualdi from door manufacturer company TEMA Sinergie, s.p.a. During this period of time the construction of vault door rails and  installation of vault door frame were carried out.

In the next stage of vault door installation process the setup of wiring and the connection to the cyclotron control and safety system will be carried out.

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