The engineers of cyclotron manufacturer IBA S.A. (Belgium) visit to Riga

In the framework of the European Regional Development Fond’s co-financed project “Scientific research centre for development of radionuclide and positron emission tomography technology”, from 5 to 6th September, 2013 the engineers Mr.Vincent Petry and Ms.Maria Simó Falgás from cyclotron production company Ion Beam Applications S.A (IBA, Belgium) visited Riga.

On September 5th, 2013the IBA enginners together with NMC technical director Japzep Malnačs, NMC project cooradinator Velga Balode and the building design developer, Architecht Bureau “ARTEKS” board member and project leader Girts Kilevics visited the project realization site in Marupes Street 19. The engineers Mr.Vincent Petry and Ms.Maria Simó Falgás learned with actual situation at the project site, the location in the nature and the constructive particularities of the ex-bomb shelter that can significantly affect the development of the building design process. Furthermore, the engineers additionally measured the ex-bomb shelter. The aforementioned project stakeholders discussed the possible technical solutions for installation of engineer-tehcnical systems and equipement and other important technical issues. 


Akceptēts SIA „Nukleārās medicīnas centrs” laboratorijas ēkas būvprojekts

2014.gada 19.februārī pēc saskaņošanas procedūras Rīgas pilsētas Būvvalde akceptēja SIA „Arhitektu birojs ARTEKS” izstrādāto būvprojektu „Nukleārās medicīnas centra laboratorijas ēka”. Pašreiz notiek intensīvi sagatavošanās darbi būvniecības iepirkuma izsludināšanai un ēkas ...

The installation of clean rooms has been completed

The construction of "Nuclear Medicine Centre", Ltd laboratory building has been completed, and the installation and testing of various technological equipment and systems are being carried out. During the last ...